If you're tired of eating the same things every night, it's the perfect opportunity to take a break from your favorite restaurants. Try something new instead by partaking in a different type of cuisine. Egyptian cuisine is more exotic than many of the meals people eat every day. It features delightful African influences and offers a unique taste. Here are four delicious Egyptian dishes you can try the next time you visit an Egyptian restaurant.

1. Ful Medames

Ful medames is a dish made from fava beans. They're cooked until soft and seasoned with salt, lemon juice, and garlic. This dish is often eaten in the morning, but it can be enjoyed at any time. It's often served with flatbread which can be dipped into the beans. Ful medames is a hearty and simple dish that makes a filling meal when you need some comfort.

2. Falafel

Falafel is one of the more well-known Egyptian dishes. You may have already eaten it in pita bread at some point in your life. Falafel is made by creating a dough from mashed chickpeas, parsley, and spices. Falafel is deep fried to crispy perfection. It's eaten hot, and it can be garnished with hummus or a cooling sauce made from yogurt.

3. Hawawshi

If you're in the mood for a lighter meal, hawawshi is an excellent choice. Hawawshi is an Egyptian sandwich meant to be eaten as finger food. It's filled with savory seasoned meat and served on toasted bread. Hawawshi makes a great lunch. If you're too busy to sit down for a meal, you can order it to go. Traditionally, hawawshi is spicy, although you can also order more mild variations.

4. Roz Bel Laban

For dessert, you can enjoy a traditional Egyptian sweet. Roz bel laban is made from rice that's stewed in cream until it softens. Sugar is added to sweeten the pudding, and toasted pistachios are scattered along the top. If you don't prefer the overt sweetness of most Western desserts, you will probably enjoy the more subtle taste of roz bel laban. It's the perfect way to settle your stomach after a large meal.

With its many flavors, Egyptian cuisine has a lot to offer. Meat-eaters will love hawawshi made with lamb or beef, and vegetarians can enjoy falafel. If you enjoy the food, consider making your local Egyptian restaurant part of your regular date night routine.