When you own or manage a senior living facility, it is important to continuously find ways to improve the satisfaction of your residents. One aspect of senior living that is especially important to seniors is food services. Fresh, nicely prepared, healthy, and delicious meals are key to resident happiness. Improving your food services will increase resident happiness and retention, leading to better reviews and more referrals. Here are four great ways to improve the food service program at your senior living facility:

Get Resident Feedback on a Regular Basis

In order to get true buy-in from your residents, it's crucial to ask for and listen to their feedback on a regular basis. Dining service satisfaction cards or surveys are an easy way to find out what's working and what needs improvement. Many senior living centers form resident committees dedicated to improving the dining experience, where ideas come directly from the residents themselves.

Consult with a Nutritionist

Seniors have unique nutritional needs, so it is very important to consult with a nutritionist as well as your on-site medical staff when planning new meals and snack offerings. Meals should generally be healthy, fresh, and full of nutrients. Attention should be paid to common senior health issues that are affected by such as diabetes when planning menus. Residents with special dietary needs should be accommodated consistently.

Improve the Overall Dining Experience

A great dining experience is about more than just the food itself. Another thing to keep in mind is the quality of the overall dining experience. Appealing lighting, comfortable chairs and tables, and smaller and more intimate seating groupings all lead to a more pleasant, restaurant-like dining experience for your residents.

Another way to improve the dining experience is to offer flexible dining times instead of a strict, one size fits all schedule. When residents are treated like adults who can choose when they want to eat their meals, they will be much happier than if they are treated like children being ushered into a school lunchroom.

Offer Food-Related Classes

Another way to improve the residents' dining satisfaction is to keep them involved through food-related classes. It's always a good idea to offer classes on nutrition as well as cooking classes where your residents get to enjoy and share their culinary creations.

By spending time improving the meal options and overall dining experience at your senior living facility, you will be taking a huge step toward improving the quality of life for your residents. Check out a website like http://newhorizonfoods.com for more information and assistance.