Even the most efficient employee can experience a slump in performance or accuracy if they miss a meal or are struggling with low energy.  A quick, healthy snack or convenient meal replacement will serve to strengthen both their mind and body and allow them to return to their normal level of output.  Below are two reasons why you should consider placing a vending machine with healthy food options in your business for your employees to enjoy.

Nutrient-Rich Foods Provide Longer Lasting Energy

Though many companies provide their employees with an easily accessible vending machine, these are often stocked with high calorie, low nutrition foods like candy bars and cookies that give workers nothing more than a temporary sugar high.  Placing a vending machine in your business that offers healthy, nutrient-rich foods can help increase the productivity and satisfaction of your employees and thereby increase the success of your company.  Since wholesome and healthy foods provide the body with the essential vitamins and nutrients it requires to work to its fullest potential, your employees will benefit from a sustained energy boost that comes from eating the right foods.  This not only increases their productivity but will help create healthier bodies and happier minds that are capable of fulfilling their daily responsibilities.

Healthy Food Options Contribute to the Health and Well-Being of Your Company

Every business struggles with the high cost of insurance and the stress of absent employees due to health-related issues.  These problems can decrease the overall efficiency and well-being of your company.  Providing your employees with healthy food options as opposed to higher calorie choices can contribute to their physical and mental health and may reduce the amount of sick days that are taken as well as the amount of money your company is required to pay for insurance purposes.  This can be especially beneficial if your company's responsibilities require employees to sit for long periods of time behind a desk.  The combination of a more sedentary lifestyle and poor food choices is certain to create health risks and for employees in both the near and distant future.  You can decrease these risks by choosing to fill company vending machines with the foods that will help give your employees the nutrition they need to offset the hours of sitting.

Regardless of the type of business you run, your employees—and therefore your company—will benefit from the nutritious food options you provide daily in your vending machines. Talk to a company like Definite Food Services Limited & Bluenose Vending Services about incorporating healthy vending machine options in your office.